News Content Production

Through the Big Story Newsroom, Big Story Africa is poised as a source of credible, bold and comprehensively researched news content from Kenya and the rest of the African continent. Through audio-visual production, live stream and articles the aforementioned is packaged and distributed to a cross-section of audiences and clientele.

Digital platforms being the in thing in consumption of news Big Story prides itself in having a comprehensive outlook in what and how the digital audiences in platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Big Story Website and Instagram want to consume news.

While employing Digital marketing strategies such as SEO, Content and social media marketing, professionally packaged news alerts in the form of short videos and blurbed articles are promptly disseminated to Big Story Newsroom audiences.

Big story Newsroom is also a news hub that plays the part of a news agency for other entities such as newsrooms that are interested in what is going on in various parts of the African continent. Big Story provides, news live streams, final video packaged video content, photographs, raw footage, articles as well as stock footage.

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