Video On Demand (VOD) Content Production

Through Big story Cinema the company boasts of a portfolio of production of quality on-demand motion picture fit for various content hosts such as production movies, fictional and non-fictional series, animations, documentaries and Television shows.

With high the high demand for entertainment and infotainment content in different sub-genres of film from VOD distribution Big Story seeks to align itself in the production of quality and perfectly researched content that will glue audiences and make them want more.

The dissemination and distribution of the aforementioned content will be through popular third party platforms and native Big Story digital platforms.

Big Story equally offers hired hand services such as production crews by other organizations, groups or individuals. The services entail:

Pre-production: At this stage we offer services such as writing of treatment scripts, budgeting, casting, research, location scouting, scheduling shoots and also storyboarding.

Production: At this stage recording of raw footage by cameras and drones, lighting, sound recording in strict adherence to Cinematic rules takes place using state of the art equipment recording picture upto 4K quality.

Post-Production: Using latest versions of editing Software such as Adobe Premier, Final Cut and DaVinci Resolve footage is raw footage is edited, colour corrected, graded as in strict adherence to ethical internal and external policies

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