African Union Calls For Civilian Rule in Chad After 18 months(From 20th April )


The late Idris Derby as chair of the African Union in 2016

Idriss Deby Itno, died on 20th April from wounds he sustained in a battle with rebels in the country’s North, according to the military .Chad’s constitution was suspended, both parliament and the national government were dissolved as a Transitional Military Council took over leadership under the son of the late president Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno whom it named as interim president.The military said it wold rule for 18 months.


On 14th May 2021, The African Union Peace and Security Council made the following resolutions after considering a report from a fact finding mission it sent to Chad to assess the situation.:

a) Emphasizes the imperative of a civilian-led, inclusive and consensual transitional process in Chad, with clear separation of the roles and functions between the Transitional Government and the Transitional Military Council (TMC), with the TMC focusing primarily on the statutory defence and security of Chad, while the Transitional Government concentrate on political and other public policy related issues in the country;

b) Therefore directs the Transitional Government headed by the Prime Minister, in consultation with the National Transition Council to urgently review the Transition Charter, which was hastily decreed by the TMC on 20/21 April 2021, with a view to realigning it to reflect the collective interests and aspirations of all Chadians for genuine civilian-led democratic governance, and serve the sole purpose of the transition;

c) Underscores the utmost necessity that the transition to democratic rule should be completed within the 18-month period, as announced by the TMC, being effective from 20 April 2021 when the TMC was established, while categorically asserting that no form of extension of the transition period prolonging the restoration of constitutional order, would be acceptable to the AU;

d) Demands that the transitional authorities to urgently establishes the National Transition Council as planned, to serve as an interim and sovereign legislative body, with a clearcut mandate to, among other things, draft a new people-centred constitution which opens up the political space to all Chadians and takes into account their fundamental rights and freedoms;

e) Calls upon the Chairman and members of the TMC to abide with the avowed commitment, not to contest or take part in the upcoming national elections towards democratic rule; and in this respect, assures that the Military will be held fully accountable in this respect;

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